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When we think of firefighters we think of regular people who are doing a great service for our community but did you ever stop to think about what kind of traits and characteristic that person has to have to do a great job? Not everyone can do the job or...(click here to continue reading)
A Firefighters Character
Health Risks In Firefighting
Fighting Fire from The Air
Standing a good chance of being burned, crushed, or killed are only a few of the risks that firefighters face at each call they respond to, but aside from these obvious risks, are some not so obvious ones that have long term, damaging...(click here to continue reading)
Fighting fire from the air is better known as aerial firefighting. This type of firefighting method was developed to help with wildfires because of the fires occurring in difficult areas to reach. Aerial firefighting uses many types of aircrafts such as helicopters and...(click here to continue reading)
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